What are the programs that are offered by Kidzee?
Kidzee offers various well-defined and age-appropriate programs – Preschool, Kindergarten and Enrichment Activities.

What is iLLUME?
iLLUME is a learner-centric pedagogy developed by Kidzee after in-depth and extensive research in Child Development & Education. iLLUME acknowledges that every child has a unique and infinite potential and, hence, deserves the opportunity to explore her innate abilities.

How is Kidzee different?
Kidzee’s prime focus is to nurture the uniqueness of every child. Kidzee has designed a diverse range of indoor & outdoor activities to achieve well defined learning and developmental goals that suit different learning styles of children.

For more information, please visit Why Kidzee?

What is the quality of the teachers in Kidzee?
Kidzee selects its staff strictly on the basis of their educational qualifications, relevant experience and their attitude towards learning and learners. It provides compulsory and intensive training in iLLUME so that they impart Kidzee’s academic curriculum in the way it is meant to be.

What is adult - child ratio in Kidzee classrooms?
In Kidzee, the maximum number of children in a classroom is limited to 20. To ensure optimum classroom learning, an adult-child ratio of 1:10 is maintained.

What is the assessment process in Kidzee?

Kidzee does not believe in competitive assessment. The fact that every child is unique and has an infinite potential makes it irreverent to gauge them on a common scale. Kidzee endeavors to help each and every child discover this unique potential.

This is possible because of the observation-based, continuous and cumulative process through which students are not scrutinized but allowed to express themselves unreservedly.

How is discipline encouraged in Kidzee?

Kidzee follows a child-friendly behaviour management routine which includes RPI – Rules, Praise and Ignore. Child-centric measures are adopted and the teachers and other adults are trained to be proactive and find solutions along with the children. No corporal punishment is allowed.

What is the medium of instruction in Kidzee?
The medium of instruction is English.

What are the languages taught in Kidzee?
At Sr. Kg. Level, apart from English, the vernacular language or Hindi is introduced to make the children feel more comfortable and be prepared for a formal school.

Does Kidzee admit children during mid-year?

Yes, Kidzee allows admissions in mid-term.

Is there a transfer policy?
Kidzee recognizes that there are many situations such as transfer of parents from one city to another, where a child needs to be transferred from one Kidzee to another Kidzee. To facilitate this, a transfer policy rests with all Kidzees.

In line with parent-friendly procedures, the transfer policy requires the existing Kidzee to refund the fees for the months not completed, but, not the annual fees. The parent will be required to pay tuition fee as applicable for the remaining months at the relocated Kidzee.

Are there any exams / interviews for the admission process?
No, Kidzee does not believe in entry barriers to quality education.Our belief drives us to accept all children and help them to be the best of themselves.

How are parents involved in Kidzee?
A high level of parental involvement is encouraged in Kidzee. Kidzee believes that parents play a strong role in child’s development. Parents are regularly informed and kept updated on the development of their ward as well as on the happenings at Kidzee through Open Forums, Seminars, Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTAs) and Open House sessions.

Does Kidzee have separate uniforms for summer and winter?

There are separate uniforms for summer and winter. Summer uniforms are inclusive in the child kit and the winter uniforms are available in our schools at an additional cost.

What is Kidzee’s operating hours?
The timings differ from centre to centre. For further details, please visit the respective Kidzee’s website through the Find Your Nearest Kidzee.

What is the duration of each program?
The duration for :
Playgroup and Nursery - 2 ½ hours
Junior / Senior KG - 3 ½ hours

Are admissions to the Kidzee programs open throughout the year?

When does the academic session commence at Kidzee?

The academic sessions differ from location to location. For further details, please visit the respective Kidzee’s website through Find Your Nearest Kidzee.

How do I register my child? / What is the procedure for enrolment to Kidzee ?
It is very easy to locate your nearest centre on our website. For further details, please visit the respective Kidzee’s website through Find Your Nearest Kidzee.

Where can I find information on the fee structure?

You will find information at your nearest Kidzee. For further details, please visit the respective Kidzee’s website through Find Your Nearest Kidzee.

Does my child have to be potty trained?
No. There is no such requirement in any Kidzee.

  • Parents and children across all Kidzee centres took part in the Parent’s day out activity.
  • Mrs. Nitya Ramaswami, Head of Academics & Child Development - Zee Learn, led a live panel discussion on “Creating an Abuse Free Environment for Children” on Zee 24X7 Ghantalu channel.
  • Zee Learn received the award for “Best Implementation of Student and Faculty Engagement Solutions” at the CXO Awards 2011 – The Technology Chapter.
  • Kidzee crosses the 60,000 enrolments mark in a single year.
  • Zee Learn Ltd ties up with NASSCOM to conduct a workshop on “creating an abuse free environment”.
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