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3 Ways how Christmas can be made interesting for preschool students

December 21, 2018

Christmas, annual festival, is celebrated commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ- an event which took place around 2000 years ago in the old town of Bethlehem in Judea. For all those who celebrate this festival, Christmas is the season of great joy. During this time people show god his great love for them. Moreover, it represents a time of renewed healing and strength.

This festival of great joy is celebrated by exchanging gifts, lightening windows, preparing turkey and wishing Merry Christmas to all those who come across. Christmas is celebrated with near and dear ones. Kids love celebrating this festival as much as adults love the vacation at the festival. Celebrating Christmas not only makes them aware about the culture but also makes them understand the importance of sharing and caring. Christmas day is celebrated at schools with great joy and excitement.

Some of the common Christmas activities for kids involve organizing fancy dress competition, secret Santa, etc.

Here are three different Christmas activities ideas for preschool:

1. Heads-up with Santa

Guessing the name is a new form of a game which is funny, awesome and memorable. The game is twisted in a way that it goes well with Christmas. To play this game, one would need a day’s time to prepare prior to the actual party. Get lots of sticky notes and fill them with popular items related to Christmas such as Santa, plump cake, chocolates, and gifts. Then, distribute all the sticky notes among all the kids attending the party and ask them to put these on their foreheads without looking.

The soul of this game is to guess whose name is written the sticker put on the forehead. Get the game started with any of the kid from the masses. The one who is guessing can ask several questions such as, “Am I a thing?”, “Is it related to food?”, “Am I any character from the bible?”, etc. Whoever guesses their name right, wins otherwise keep the game going. This game is cheap to set up, fun to play and at the same time quite interesting. So, make sure you have this game on your game list for the party.

2. Christmas Bingo:

This game is for kids of every age as it is easy yet fun to play while celebrating Christmas. The game is somewhat different than the traditional game, hence requires few techniques and rules. First of all, cut the pages of the calling cards into individual cards and get them all into a bag. Now, players have to look for that picture on their respective card and cross it up. Continue to pull the cards from that bag until one kid gets five in a row. If you are up for making the Christmas day celebration grand and memorable at school, this game is just for you.

3. Christmas Party with Christmas tree shaped mini cakes :

Christmas without food is nothing. Food is the highlight of all the festivals, but let’s give this Christmas a twist with the food also. The cake is something which is loved by almost everyone. From kids to adults, everybody craves for those plump cakes garnished with nuts and raisins. Be it home, school or park, you just cannot miss out on them from your menu. To serve to all the students, one can either buy from the market or make it at home. To give it a feel of Christmas, one can provide shapes of Christmas trees to those yummy cakes.

Other things which will make the kids groove to the beats are organising a dance competition, sing songs, bring gifts, play games or beautify the classroom.

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