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COMMON SUMMER Illness in Children

February 05, 2018

When the season changes to summer children are most likely to get affected with common summer illnesses like sore throat, cold, fever etc. However, if the right precautions are taken, parents can prevent the common summer illnesses in children.

Summer means schools being over children stay at home or spend time as they want. This needs lot of attention and attentiveness which is not always possible for working parents.

If your child is feeling fatigued most of the time in summer, do not panic because it can be due to the summer season. It can also be because your child is suddenly free from the tight routine of going to school and coping with the studies and home works and so he is feeling lazy and fatigued too. However, there are certain common infections that occur in summer and parents should be familiar with them and the causes and symptoms too.



Sunstroke can happen if children go out in sun without parents taking proper care of hydrating them. Sudden exposure to heat can give heatstroke and children sometime suffer from very high fever.


The body heat most often erupts in the form of boils on different parts of the body.

Water Borne Diseases

Water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, jaundice, dysentery, amoebiosis, and diarrhea are commonly seen especially when children eat outdoors.

Food Borne Diseases

Bacteria thrive in warm and moist environment and so food poisoning and occurrence of diseases due to food infection is more during summer days.

Mosquito Borne Diseases

Accumulation of water generates the number of mosquitoes and hence dengue, malaria and other diseases caused by mosquito bite are commonly seen.

Tips for Preventing Summer Illnesses in Children

  • Avoid giving cut fruits and food items from roadside vendors to your children. Also avoid cooking spicy and fried food items for children. Stick to fresh fruits, green vegetables and fresh fruit juices.
  • Encourage your children to increase intake of water. Make sure that the water is properly purified and free from germs and viruses.

  • Take lot of fluid when traveling or when going outdoors for a long time with kids.

  • Provide food rich in fiber to your kids. Pay attention to their diet and right nutrition.

  • Give lemon juice, coconut water and other natural fluids to your children as they help in hydrating from within. They have lots of nutrition that your child’s body needs at this time.

  • Make your child wear light weighted and loose fitting clothes preferably made of natural fibers.

  • Exercise with your kids early in the morning or late evening to avoid over exhaustion.

During summer season, you should take necessary precautions to keep your child healthy and safe. Make sure you take care of sun safety, water safety and avoid insect bites during summer season.

Pay attention to intake of water and nutritious diet in summer. Increase intake of fresh fruits and insist on making your children take minimum two baths daily to stay cool and infection free.

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