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Kidzee - Best Preschool

About the Programme

Over the years, Kidzee has established itself as a household name- a name that you always trust when it comes to the all-round development of your child. Being a premier preschool network that provides world-class education, we offer programmes which specifically cater to your child’s needs in an age appropriate manner. Kidzee Day Care is our most innovative offering which aims to provide a 'Home away from Home' for your child. We do this through unique experiences created by academicians at Kidzee to deliver essential skills critical to child development. With a playful and lively environment, we enable the right creative engagement and all round well-being of your young ones.

The structured routine at Kidzee Day Care includes some unique experiences such as Kidzee yoga, drama, self-help skills, reading, indoor and outdoor games which are conducted to enhance your child's cognitive growth. What’s more is that these experiences are delivered by loving caregivers who have been trained & oriented by Kidzee. The well-designed experiences aid in Cognitive, Social & Emotional development, Speech & Language Development & Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development.


A Peep into the Routine

The Kidzee Day Care programme has been designed to accommodate all the requirements of a child
rest, play, nutrition and learning.