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  • My child does not want to socialize with anyone who comes home; always shies away, what to do to make him more social?  

  • Why there is no writing activity in PG?  

  • What are the programs that are offered by Kidzee?  

  • What is iLLUME? 

  • How is Kidzee different? 

  • What is the quality of the teachers in Kidzee? 

  • What is adult - child ratio in Kidzee classrooms? 

  • What is the assessment process in Kidzee? 

  • How is discipline encouraged in Kidzee? 

  • What is the medium of instruction in Kidzee? 

  • What are the languages taught in Kidzee? 

  • Does Kidzee admit children during mid-year? 

  • Is there a transfer policy? 

  • Are there any exams / interviews for the admission process? 

  • How are parents involved in Kidzee? 

  • Does Kidzee have separate uniforms for summer and winter? 

  • What is Kidzee’s operating hours? 

  • What is the duration of each program? 

  • Are admissions to the Kidzee programs open throughout the year? 

  • When does the academic session commence at Kidzee? 

  • How do I register my child? / What is the procedure for enrolment to Kidzee ? 

  • Where can I find information on the fee structure?  

  • Does my child have to be potty trained?