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Food Guidelines for Children

June 24, 2015

Is the ad showing the right food for the child?

Or, is that a food for thought?

Well, that, precisely, is the concern.

Advertisements on channels dedicated to children or children’s programmes (range: pre-school children to children under 16) must be governed by certain principles. Let’s take a look at these.

  1. Reduce the exposure of children to promotion of foods that are high in fat, salt, or sugar (HFSS) and increase their exposure to healthier options.


  1. Do not use licensed characters or celebrities to boost sales of food or drinks intended for pre-school or primary aged children.
  2. Do not make misleading health or nutritional claims for HFSS products aimed at primary aged children. The claims about food containing vitamins must comply with the regulations of the country regarding fortified food.
  3. Do not promote consumption of a food item purely to get a promotional offer.
  4. Do not show parents pestering their children over selection of food.

Now, some quick facts to reckon! But first and foremost, have you checked the expiry date of something you eat or drink?


Fizzy drinks like Coke and Pepsi contain an approximate pH count of 3.4, which is acidic enough to dissolve teeth and bones. Besides, an aerated drink is nothing but sweetened carbonated water!
Stay away from carbonated aerated water, and say No to all fizzy drinks!


What is it that makes confectionery items look and smell appealing? Well, it’s the flavouring agents and emulsifiers. Take a pause and reflect – are these agents right for the child?

Bite into one of these and tell. Don’t those cream-filled buns leave a lump of grease in the mouth?

Aah, those chocolate-filled sticks can be a sticky health hazard! Do those ultra-greasy cocoa wafers fill you with cream of health?


What happens with those happening fast food joints? The familiar ready-to-eat chips, the fluffed-up white flour rolls, some processed fill-ins dipped in cheese and wrapped up in crunchy
crumbles of a deep-fried batter. Sounds healthy?


Wheat flour, starch, and salt in galore. To add to that, a stash of gluten and artificial flavouring. That’s what goes into those ready-to-cook 2 minute instant noodles! So, think again before you consume them.


Think of food with preservatives. Is the nutritional value intact? Or do they compromise on health? The truth is, fresh food is the secret to good health! Stick to natural food is what says the doctor.


As you chew on them, are your gums and teeth protected?


Have you ever wondered what ingredients go into a chocolate?


They freshen up only your mouth. But do they contribute to the health of your gums?


Are candies the best friends to your teeth?


It rinses away the germs so long as you don’t swallow it!
But is that a medicated mouthwash? Take no medicines without consulting a doctor please.

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