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How to Open a Pre-School in Chennai

August 24, 2017

Pre-schools are a home away from home for children, who spend most of their time here. Educational institutions are the place where kids learn various skills like etiquettes, humanity, friendship, etc. as it forms the fundamental ground of education for a child, which helps in growing a child’s mentality. Many pre-school franchises are available in Chennai, so parents find it difficult to choose the best for their child. Thankfully, Kidzee comes with 15 of the best pre-schools in India that offer world-class preschool education for your child. It is one of the best preschool franchises which provides a smooth admission procedure for their new members. Kidzee has a highly educated and sensitive staff that put in a lot of effort and personal attention in grooming a kid’s overall personality. The number of pre-schools in Chennai are increasing at a rapid pace due to the high population rate in India. Kidzee is highly recommended to open a preschool franchise in Chennai, and it is the best preschool chain all over Asia with all the essential elements.

Before opening a preschool in Chennai, here are some key points which are to be kept in mind:

  • There should be a carpet area of minimum 2000-3000 sq. ft. It should include residential location.
  • Investment is an important part of building up a school franchise.  Investment between the range of INR 12,00,000/- To 15,00,000/- is preferable. The investment is also dependent on the model of the Pre-School and could vary, based on location and other factors.
  • The franchise will have to keep staff members, receive initial and continuous training for the Kidzee curriculum
  • Infrastructure plays a significant role in building a preschool, and this includes playgrounds, classrooms, auditoriums and a lot more.
  • To know more about building a preschool in Delhi, contact the business development representative: 02239113000 / 02261900200.


Kidzee, with its massive network of more than 1700+ centres in over 550+ cities, is a major preschool chain in Asia. Kidzee has developed ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) that aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional and physical needs, to build a broad foundation for lifelong learning. Apart from being a lucrative venture, such preschools provide a helping hand for young working parents who find it difficult to devote time to their kids. The happy and cheerful environment of this preschool encourages children and helps them overcome every obstacle confidently. Kidzee is the best preschool in Chennai that brings out the potential in every child and positively motivates children to have a learning attitude towards everyday challenges. Preschools play a vital role in the development of kids by offering a choice of best-in-class child-centric learning methodologies. To open a preschool franchise in Chennai, Kidzee is the most preferred franchise that provides a strong educational background to children from an age when the learning process is explorative and stimulating. It is the best preschool in Chennai that gives confidence to the children to represent their intelligence, capabilities and knowledge. The base of education in a child should always be strong and productive. Teachers with their efforts create necessary skills in their students through fun loving activities and games.

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