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Importance of Games and activities for children

May 04, 2017

World of children is the world of Play and fun!!!

But little we realize that the Play and fun is the foundation of education.

The best knowledge of life we learn, we practice is through play.

At Kidzee, we let the children engage in a game/ learning activity that are educational in nature and results in achieving age appropriate specific outcomes:

  • Walking path- Children are invited to walk in different combinations based on the facilitator’s instructions over this preprinted mat to revisit the concepts of body parts- foot/ heels /toes thus achieving the outcome of learning the concept, listening and following instructions, balancing their body movements which is part of the Gross motor development
  • Kidzee Imagenie (Augmented learning) – Is a technology based educational game; a path towards STEM education. With an adult guidance children learn the concept of animals/ extinct animals, their classification on paper and experience a 3dimensional visual of the concept via smart device. Hence, achieving the outcome of orientation of smart device functions and their corresponding actions thus helping learn the concept, This activity majorly contributes in boosting Cognitive development
  • Kidzee Learning Tablet– A child table-  age appropriate structured activities based on VAK approach- VISUAL AUDITORY KINESTHETIC that creates the maximum development at variable levels from 2 to 10 years. Outcome achieved- All 5 developmental domains 

Interactive Word and Sentence builder- Fosters language development from micro to macro progressively. The word builder helps in formation of words and the sentence builder promotes formation of sentences. Outcome achieved – Building awareness that words are made of sounds, Attempts to converse in English. 

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