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kidzee Play School Fee Structure

  • Every aspect of human life has been guided by the glory and importance of education, which is why playschool education is essential to develop the various skillsets of young minds. To witness such developments, parents can visit the nearest Kidzee centres and have a look at their fee structure. Is the fee structure and other benefits provided per the needs of the parents? Likewise, there may be many questions that can occur in the minds of parents.

    Most of the parents today are overtly conscious about providing the best education to their children, and intend to prepare them as future citizens of India. For a decade, Kidzee play schools have focused on nurturing the ‘unique potential’ in every child.

    Here are some details about the scope of development which has been made, keeping the Kidzee fee structure in mind:

    • It's not just the sprinkle pools, sand pits, toys, games and whatnot that makes Kidzee unique. Kidzee’s admission fee structure covers a number of interesting arrangements and procedures for the development of kids.
    • The foundational framework includes insightful activities arranged from time to time, such as fun and engaging theme-based activities (which can involve parents as well) to make the learning process a joyful experience.
    • Kidzee’s fee structure also includes regular seminars on ECCE, I CARE and Nutrition to empower parents.
    • Kidzee Play Schools include plenty of rich, stimulating child kits that comprises of an age-appropriate curriculum.
    • Kidzee provides your child with interactive and engaging workbooks to facilitate a well-versed learning experience through its conceptually-structured and progressive activities.
    • Engaging concept and phonic-based rhyme CDs and rhyme books are provided to your ward in order to develop concept clarity and phonic sounds.
    • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of your ward in the form of achievable milestones to monitor and reflect the impact of the Kidzee curriculum on the child regarding development domains and academic progression.

    Little Champs at Kidzee follows a topic-based curriculum that focuses on the development of all the skillsets of the child. Our approach is to encourage an affection for learning, critical thinking, experimentation and curiosity in order to build a strong foundation for your kid’s future. Youngsters are urged to help themselves, step up and develop a thought process that’s progressively autonomous, keeping in mind the end goal to create self-regard and social ability. It is essential that kids build up a feeling of trust and are compatible with this condition.

    The Kidzee school fees includes a range of exploratory & interactive learning aids for a child’s overall development. Hands-on learning with transportation and other facilities vary with the school branches and its location.

    Theme-based engaging field trips offer a holistic learning environment also included in the existing Kidzee fee structure, that focuses on achieving the constructive approach to learning through the 5 E’s- ENGAGE, EXPLORE, EXPLAIN, ELABORATE and EVALUATE.

    Kidzee branches across the country follow the same fees structure for all categories. Parents need to pay the tuition fees and term fees in instalments annually. They also need to pay for the essentials and library deposit fees at the time of admission to avoid any difficulties.