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Monsoon Magic

April 17, 2018

The season of showers has begun. The rain brings along with it the natures beauty – beautiful raindrops, colourful rainbows, creepy crawlies and thundering storms. This season is most awaited, especially by children. Children enjoy going out. They love floating paper boats and enjoy the splash in the puddle.

All children enjoy the early days of monsoon, but it soon becomes a hurdle as they cannot go out to play and we often hear them sing, “Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day, Little children want to play…”

More often than not children have to enjoy the rains staying indoors. Nonetheless, the rains can be made interesting for them.

Make a scrapbook. Have the children select brightly coloured, attractive pictures about the rain. Help them in making a collage. Use materials like pictures, photographs, newspapers, crayons, old greeting cards, etc. Make a book that reflects all aspects of the rains – clouds, animals, rainbow etc.

Children have a great sense of imagination and creativity. They love colors and drawings. It is a good idea to have the children paint and draw. Let them have fun with colours. You can involve them in a cooking activity too. Arrange for an indoor picnic. Enjoy the rains while eating children favourite foods and playing their favourite games. Read to a child. Select one of the children’s favourite stories and read it to them. Occasionally when it is not raining heavily, take the children for a walk. Let your children enjoy the rain. Just make sure the children are dressed appropriately.

Monsoons can be made fun at school too. It’s a great time to introduce the theme of weather and seasons. Preschoolers love to learn about the weather because it is a big part of their natural world. Have the children observe the weather. Weather observations can be as simple as gathering them at the window and have them describe what the weather is like. Encourage the children to see and observe carefully, and listen to the sounds they can hear.

Make a rain gauge using a transparent bucket. Use a permanent marker to mark the centimeters. Place it outside for the rainwater to collect. You can at the end of a week or a month measure the amount of rainfall.


  • Always wash hands before eating
  • Keep a check on the food children eat and water they drink
  • Avoid staying wet for long during the rains. Stay dry
  • Keep the surroundings clean, avoid the water to stagnate

The rainy days need not be dull and boring. Make it fun, exciting and a monsoon to remember for your children.

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