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Nursery Syllabus

  • Kidzee Nursery Syllabus

    • nteractive Illume is BEST IN CLASS and A CONTEMPORARY playschool syllabus, preparing the child for the future.
    • All aspects of the syllabus are governed by the principle of WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE CHILD.


    • The Kidzee syllabus is designed to ensure that it’s age appropriate and engaging for the targeted age demographic.
    • An easy to understand nursery syllabus that fosters CONFIDENCE, COMMUNICATION, CREATIVITY AND CRITICAL SKILLS in the child.
    • Fosters an appropriate balance between academic preparation and developmental needs of the child.


    • Kidzee provides teacher friendly manuals to facilitate the syllabus effectively, resulting in measurable milestones.
    • An intensive syllabus for nursery provides training to transform teachers into fully-fledged and capable facilitators.
    • Kidzee empowers teachers to recognize that every child is unique, and builds on that through collaborative learning and making learning visible.
    • Keeping a track of a child’s observational records to appropriately monitor their development.
    • Personal enrichment of the teacher through skill-building and information.


    • An opportunity for the parents to offer their child invaluable experience in the latest and the most effective developmental process.
    • Kidzee’s pre-nursery syllabus empowers the parent to contributing effectively towards the growth and development of their child.
    • Ensuring that the child grows in the process of learning through real understanding, via a structured process of foundation.

    Business Partners

    • Kidzee is exclusively supported by the Zee Learn network in content, curriculum, execution and marketing.
    • Extending services to cosmopolitan customers due to universal execution.